Intruder Alarm Systems – Finding Professional Advice Is Key

Intruder alarm systems have in one shape or another been in use for over a century! Back in 1852, Edwin Holmes devised the worlds first electric alarm system. The design was based around a tripwire when disrupted this powered a solenoid that struck a gong. Thanks to technological advancement, today’s alarms bear little resemblance to this early invention!

With so many new technologies and differing intruder alarm systems now in the market place; more than ever before it is vital that you seek quality professional advice before choosing which system to install. Every building is different by design, dimensions, construction and material, therefore no two home security needs can ever be identical.

There are basically two types of intruder alarm systems, they are:

1) Hard wired

2) Wireless intruder alarm systems

Hard wired

These systems are the traditional type of system. They carry the intrusion alarm signal from the point of detection to the control panel and alarm through cables. This type of system can be utilized well in new buildings that are under construction; as all cable routing can be factored in to the new build.

Wireless systems

These wireless systems are the future for not only residential security but the commercial sector as well. Now that the same results can be achieved with a considerably more cost effective solution, the reasons to stay hard wired are becoming thin on the ground. These systems, as the name suggests, communicate without the need for wires.

The benefits of using wireless intruder alarm systems are immense, especially where a new home security system is being fitted to an existing building. The benefits include:

* No drilling, floor removal or re plastering is required to install and hide the cables.

* The components can be tailor made for each job

* Wireless systems can be added to later easily if the property were to be extended or if more coverage was required.

* Wireless systems can be relocated so in a house move they can move with the owner.

* The financial costs are low due to less intensive labour and installation.

* Much easier to install with modern flooring designs such as tiled and laminate floor systems.

So which system should you purchase?

The number of wireless intruder alarms on the market has become somewhat exponential. As the need for such products has grown, the supply has also. Therefore careful consideration of the functionality of your system requirements should be taken in to account. Seek the advice of a quality supplier, who should be able to help you make an informed decision for free.

Some of the best new wireless intruder alarms have pet immune motion sensors and can also be set up to register fire, gas and water leaks! The power of these new technologies is immense, and due to the massive savings in installation costs, it is not hard to see whey wireless systems are expected to dominate the security market. Intruder alarm systems have never been so accessible to so many.

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