Home security alarm system

What is Home Security Alarm System?

Apparently, it is an alarm system installed at home for the sake of security. It is designed to detect intrusion.

An ideal security alarm system consists of a combination of devices for exterior (or perimeter) and interior protection. Let’s look into what the perimeter protection and interior protection are.


Perimeter Protection

Generally consists of sensing mechanisms attached to doors and windows leading into the property.

These devices are connected in such a way that they will sound the alarm if an entry is attempted and will send an emergency call for help to an authorized person or central monitoring center.

The most widely used device for this protection is magnetic contact (i.e. a switch and a magnet), which works with a switching mechanism. The switch is placed on the frame of a door or window, and a magnet is placed on the door or window adjacent to the switch. When the door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the switch and the alarm will be activated. In the event that an intruder attempts to bypass the magnetic contacts by breaking the glass at the door or window, device like shock sensor can sense a shock at the monitoring object and send out RF alarming signals to the main unit.


Interior Protection

Interior Protection system plays an important role to detect if an intruder has eluded the perimeter security system.

The most common device used for interior protection is motion detector, which can detect body heat or movement of an intruder and activate the alarm. There are three basis types, infrared, microwave, and ultrasonic.

Smoke detector, as an indicator of fire, is another essential device for interior protection. Smoke detectors can sense the presence of smoke particles in the air. They should be located in all levels of the property.

There are many other security devices, such as IP camera and panic button, which can make the alarm system protection more complete.


Installing a home security alarm system in your property can help reducing your homeowner’s insurance premiums, but most importantly, a good home security alarm system can protect your family and prevent your property from being robbed or intruded.

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