Wireless Intruder Alarms Versus Hard Wired Technology – The Future Is Clear

If at any time you have considered the installation of a home security system, now may well be one of the best times for years to do so. Many of the fears relating to the reliability of the latest wireless intruder alarm systems have been answered!

Many end users and professional installers alike, have for the last few years. Debated whether or not wireless intruder alarm technology could ever match the performance of its more revered and apparently qualified big brother. New wireless home security systems are now being given the chance to shine as more and more people are opting for the ease of use and installation that only wireless intruder alarms can offer!

Wireless V Hard Wired – The Benefits.

Hard wired technology has for years, protected millions in their homes with the peace and mind that home security can offer. Unless installed to a brand new building during construction however, the later addition to any household of a hard wired installation bought misery to many.

You would suffer carpets and floors being removed, walls being gouged for hidden electrical cables! The dust and reverberation caused by incessant drilling through walls in order to pass cables to and from. These systems are now even harder to install in a subtle manner due to modern furnishing choices such as laminate flooring and tiling!

The process of making good and creating an ‘invisible’ hard wired system has become even harder over the years and is now an art form in itself! If you are lucky enough to employ the best engineers this is no issue, however if you are unfortunate enough to employ sub standard workman. It is easy to end up with an unsatisfactory result that will be hard to put right.

There is no progress without change, and no one doubts the success hard wired systems bought to many. The wind of change is upon the marketplace now as more demands are placed by an ever expectant consumer. Wireless systems in all shapes and forms, from home automation to security systems are expected as the norm in this day and age!

Wireless Intruder Alarms – The Benefits compared to hard wired:

* Virtually no installation stress or mess

* Massive potential cost savings due to simple D.I.Y installation

* The system can be moved to a new location if you move house!

* Component type systems can be expanded easily

* Can be tailor made to your exacting requirements

Many of the very best new technologies can also be set up in unison with many other alarm sensors, as well as the intrusion alert. For example gas leak detection, water leak detection or fire detection! The power of these new technologies also mean that your main control panel is now able to communicate with external devices such as a mobile phone alert!

The control panels can be hidden and placed in a really secure area, meaning it would be almost impossible to disrupt. And then used in conjunction with a fob type remote just like many use to arm and disarm they car security. This ease of use, for many is more welcome than the panic involved with a control panel count down like in the old systems. We have all been there, when you hear the count down as you frantically try to disarm the system!

Now that many of the reliability issues have been rectified it is fair to say that the best wireless systems have come of age. Of course like any product choice, if you spend less you generally get less! So for reliability and functionality always seek the independent advice of a quality supplier. Who should be able to recommend the product line that is best suited to your needs.

Once you have designed the requirements and parameters of your bespoke wireless intruder alarm you are one step away from having the peace that so many are already enjoying with this new technology. For the first time, these ready to install systems can be afforded by many who could not afford the cost of a traditional hard wired security installation.

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