What Comprises a Home Alarm System

A home alarm is an important tool to catch burglars and intruders. It is a high-technology system that emits a loud banging sound to alert someone in authority or a homeowner against a possible intruder or theft.

A home alarm system is an efficient way to guard our homes against possible crimes and, at the same time, set a warning to those who have plans of intruding to our private property. We might ask what comprises a home alarm system.

It comprises of a CPU or central processing unit and remote sensors scattered in every part of the house. We will be discussing more about the parts of the Home-Alarm in the succeeding texts.

The CPU or central processing unit is also called the brain box. It is also referred to as a way to connect and control the system. Say for instance if the user would want to activate or deactivate it, or even enable or disable a remote sensor anywhere in the house. It can even turn the whole system on and off. At the same time, it could contact a third party vendor for alarm purposes.

There are actually three types of remote sensor. The first type of sensor is the magnetic switch. The magnetic remote sensor is usually installed in doors and windows of the house. There are two pats normally, a bigger magnet and a smaller one.

The bigger magnet I attached on top of the door while the smaller magnet I attached on the door itself. The magnet thus holds the switch in place. Once the door opens, and the magnet moves away, the switch will be out of place, thus triggering the alarm.

Another type of remote sensor is the use of infrared motion detectors. This type of remote sensor uses heat energy to detect intruders. Normally, when we move, we emit heat energy caused by our body functions. At the same time, once the sensor detects the moving heat energy, the alarm is triggered. There are a number of infrared motion detectors now that are not too sensitive with minimal heat energy. This is normally used for homes that have pets living in the house together.

Another commonly used is the glass sensor. It is normally placed in windows and it is sound and vibration sensitive that it can detect the sound frequencies especially for breaking glass. For those windows that can be broken and can be crawled through without opening it, glass sensor is the best option.

There are still other types of sensors such as flood detectors, smoke detectors, and temperature detectors. The first three mentioned above are just the common sensors that are being used. No matter what type of sensor you will be using as long it will be efficient in providing security for your home, you should not give a second thought. If we are dealing with the security of our homes, property, and family members, we should always consider getting a Home-Alarm for peace of mind and proper mind set when at home.

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