Tips on Preventing Intruders

It is normal to be anxious and concerned for our loved ones, especially if they are home alone and we are far away on business and can’t be there to protect them if anything should happen. This is why it is so important to ensure your home is secure and safe by employing techniques that will deter intruders, and provide protection with efficient and reliable home alarm systems.

There are various preventive tactics you can incorporate yourself to prevent burglars from entering your house. Some practical advice that can help keep your home safe is to never attach your name and address to the house keys, if you lose them a would-be intruder will know exactly where to go. Also don’t leave your house keys in your car, if it is broken into it won’t take them long to find out where you live. Gone are the days when you could hide the door keys under the welcome mat and if someone calls the house always confirm their identity before giving out any personal information and never let it slip that you will be away on holiday or for a few days on business.

If you have to leave the house empty for a period of time then you don’t want to broadcast the fact, opportunists are always looking for an opening. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up any packages that might be left in view or check on the property for you at various times. Set up an automatic timer for your lights so they come on in different rooms at random times, giving the impression someone is at home. Some areas will have a neighborhood watch scheme, this is an organized group of individuals who live in your street or local area and arrange street patrols to try and prevent vandalism and crime, including checking the property of those away on holiday.

In quiet residential areas more burglaries are likely to take place during the daytime as daily routines see people going off to work and shopping. Park your car in the garage when you are at home, if you leave it in the driveway it can be seen clearly by a burglar and they will learn that when it is not there neither are you. A garage door left open with expensive tools on display is practically asking someone to come in and take them.

Monitored home alarm systems generally come into play after an intruder has made the decision to break-in, so they are either in the process or even already inside the house. Taking some of the preventative measures mentioned could stop a burglar in his tracks well before this happens.

You should take time to educate yourself and your family how to take care of your home against possible intruders. When leaving the premises have a routine that is followed by everyone to confirm the house is well and truly locked up. This should include checking all doors and windows are locked and your alarm system is activated.

Home alarm systems are not expensive, as with everything you get what you pay for. They can even save you money, many home insurance companies offer a discount if you have an alarm system installed.

Research your options as there is a large range of alarm systems at various prices available. If you decide to go with a home monitoring system then be aware that you will possibly be paying a monthly fee for the 24 hour coverage and security supplied by the company. When you outweigh these costs against your family’s safety they will seem very reasonable.

Home alarm systems can provide a fast, reliable response time during a burglary, fire or medical emergency at an inexpensive cost. Compare residential alarm system services online to help you with your security needs and compare a few residential alarm system services before making any final decision.

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