The Benefits of Residential Alarm Systems

It happens all the time and all too often. You leave for a hard day of work or a well earned vacation, and come home to a house that has been robbed. All your priceless, sentimental jewelry has been stolen and can never be replaced. Even if you have insurance, you’ll only get a certain percentage of the monetary value unless you’ve kept every single receipt. Especially now, with so many companies where you can mail in your ‘unwanted’ jewelry and get cash in the mail shortly after sending it in. Burglaries are on the rise because of this. There is no risk, unlike most pawn shops these days and how they look for stolen jewelry as reported to them by police.

Aside from simply breaking into your house to look for jewelry, once inside and totally at their dispense, burglars will take anything they can. This can include laptops, cash, coins, collectible items, electronics, antiques – anything else they feel would be of value to them. These days, robbers can sell their stolen goods on sites like eBay. This way, there is little risk to them this way.

It is absolutely imperative that you get an alarm system put in. Residential alarm systems will protect everything inside your home, including the safety of your family. Quite often, robbers will stalk your home and wait until all the lights are out and wait good time until everyone is deep asleep. It is not uncommon for someone willing to break into someone’s home to carry a gun or weapon. Residential alarm systems can help alleviate your fears of losing your most prized possessions and treasures, and the fear of an unwanted intruder in your house. Worse yet, if a burglar hurts themselves while in your house, in some cases, they have actually sued the homeowner for their medical bill. The sound of an alarm going off will scare away intruders, without hesitation.

Some people rely on dogs, and sometimes this is a good idea. But in some cases, if your dog hasn’t been specifically trained to be a guard dog, and if a robber is great with animals, they may bring dog treats or something to calm down the dog. This isn’t usually the best solution. Besides, if you are not home, it’s not going to matter if a dog is barking or not. Your neighbors might not think anything of it. If your dog is trained to attack, and the intruder has a gun or knife, you don’t want your dog to be hurt or killed when the intruder tries to defend himself.

Residential alarm systems, however, will signal the alarm company to contact the police if you do not respond to them to let them know it’s a false alarm. This way, the intruder gets scared at the sound of the alarm, and leaves. Police get signaled as back-up just in case the intruder does not immediately leave. Either way, with a residential alarm system, your home and family will be protected. Residential alarm systems are available in many price ranges. Nonetheless, you really can’t put a value on your safety and protection of your belongings.

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