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Do You Need Intruder Alarm Systems?

Nowadays many people use Alarm systems as it is very useful and very effective as well. It is a new face of hi technology as many people are nowadays opting for Alarm systems in their houses. It provides you a great way of security at your house, work, shops, for your vehicles etc. There are [...]

Wireless Intruder Alarms Versus Hard Wired Technology – The Future Is Clear

If at any time you have considered the installation of a home security system, now may well be one of the best times for years to do so. Many of the fears relating to the reliability of the latest wireless intruder alarm systems have been answered! Many end users and professional installers alike, have for [...]

The Cons Of Home Intruder Alarms

Although home intruder alarms are thought of being an integral aspect of home security, research has shown that these alarms aren’t difficult at all for professional burglars.  The reason for this is due to the fact that most homeowners tend to forget to set the alarm or fails to lock up the windows and doors [...]

Intruder Alarms Are Coming Of Age With Wireless Progression

In days gone by, not too long ago the installation of intruder alarms at home, was a painful and potentially expensive process. As our world becomes infinitely more connected using wireless technologies, consumers have helped to create the development of next generation wire free intruder alarms. So much has changed in such a short space [...]

Intruder Alarm Systems – Finding Professional Advice Is Key

Intruder alarm systems have in one shape or another been in use for over a century! Back in 1852, Edwin Holmes devised the worlds first electric alarm system. The design was based around a tripwire when disrupted this powered a solenoid that struck a gong. Thanks to technological advancement, today’s alarms bear little resemblance to [...]