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Not All Monitored Intruder Alarms Qualify For Police Response

For complete peace of mind, many people choose to have their intruder alarms monitored. If an alarm system is monitored, then, when it detects an intruder it automatically sends a signal via the phone line and/or cellular network to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre – these used to be referred to as Central Stations or [...]

What is an intruder alarm system ?

What is an Intruder Alarm System? An Intruder Alarm System is made up of four main sections. These are explained below Control Panels, or where do all the wires go?  What are the control panel and the RKP?  This is the ‘heart’ of the Intruder Alarm System itself. All the decisions are made here. All [...]

Home Security the Auto Dialer Intruder Alarm Review

Home security is big business both for security and alarm companies and of course the bad guys. Burglary is one of the few categories of crime that seems to be constantly on the rise. WHY? The answer is simple. Homeowners and apartment dwellers make it so darn easy. A lot of folks don’t get [...]


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Choosing the Right Intruder Alarm System

Choosing the Right Intruder Alarm System Something that almost everyone has been looking into these days is information about intruder or burglar alarms. This is particularly a matter of importance if that have already been the victim of a home invasion. The enduring question here seems now to be how in the world you go [...]