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Keep Your Home Safe With A Door Security Alarm

In troubled economic times, homes are more liable to fall victim to thieves. Installing a door security alarm can protect your home against intruders and increase both your real estate investment and your own peace of mind. There are many variations on the standard door security alarm from which to choose and finding an affordable [...]

Door Alarm To The Rescue

52-year-old Viktor Burrow was alone in his motorcycle repair shop when he heard the unmistakable sound of the back door being kicked in. At the same time, a shrill siren began to sound as the intruder triggered the door alarm. The slow-moving Burrow, who has had rheumatoid arthritis for nearly ten years, was able to [...]


Look no further for your security system needs. Here at Access Integrated Systems Ltd, we provide the highest quality installation and maintenance services. For a full list and details of our services please visit our services page. Access Integrated Systems specialise in the installations and maintenance of a range of integrated security systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Door [...]