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Safe Home Watchdog- The Barking Dog Alarm System

Are you sick of being locked into a contract and paying for home security every month? Security is necessity and shouldn’t be another monthly expense! Hence we advice you to get one wireless home security system. This is a complete protection to you and your home. This is an electronic device. It has been declared [...]

The Benefits of Residential Alarm Systems

It happens all the time and all too often. You leave for a hard day of work or a well earned vacation, and come home to a house that has been robbed. All your priceless, sentimental jewelry has been stolen and can never be replaced. Even if you have insurance, you’ll only get a certain [...]

Door Alarm To The Rescue

52-year-old Viktor Burrow was alone in his motorcycle repair shop when he heard the unmistakable sound of the back door being kicked in. At the same time, a shrill siren began to sound as the intruder triggered the door alarm. The slow-moving Burrow, who has had rheumatoid arthritis for nearly ten years, was able to [...]

Maximizing The Effectiveness Of A Home Security Alarm

Protecting your home with a home security system which includes cameras and on-site security guards is extremely costly, and usually beyond the means of most homeowners. But given the price you might have to pay in stolen or destroyed property, or harm to you and your family if you are unlucky enough to be the [...]

Burglar Alarm Systems, a “Sound” investment or Daylight Robbery ?

As the credit crunch hits hard and crime has risen at an unprecedented rate over the last 12 months (Nearly a million homes in the UK are burgled every year, and that number is rising fast) ….. Is NOW the time to invest in a burglar alarm system for your home?   Regardless of weather [...]