Safe Home Watchdog- The Barking Dog Alarm System

Are you sick of being locked into a contract and paying for home security every month? Security is necessity and shouldn’t be another monthly expense! Hence we advice you to get one wireless home security system. This is a complete protection to you and your home. This is an electronic device. It has been declared that this is the best value in home security products. It provides wireless security as a home alarm that is simple to install and inexpensive too. It is effective in small business also.

You must be wondering that how does it works. It works by using “electronic radar-wave sense control” technology which allows objects to be “seen” through walls/doors up to twenty feet away depending on the sensitivity you select in a 100 degree triangle field of view. Generally speaking, it can feel the intruders coming inside your home through walls and doors. This security system is designed to trigger a frightening sound by motion or keychain remote that is available with the product. This product has been improved enough according to the choice of its customers. This kit gives you the ultimate security throughout day and night. It works even when you are out .Just a push of a button, will make the burglars away from your home. This security system sounds so real and it barks just like a German shepherd as if the intruders are going to feel that you have adopted one.

Even the police recommend that this security system is an effective way to keep the burglars away. It has a natural characteristics of dogs that whenever any intruder is approaching closer, the alarm will sound like barks of a ferocious dog. Sometimes it may happen that your home is accessible to bears. Bears do not like the barking dog sound. So in this case the security system may act as a deterrent even to bears. The electronic watch dog will monitor your door and will bark, ferociously if necessary, when an unexpected intruder approaches your target area. This preventative warning will alert you to the possible danger and also alert the bear or intruder that they need to stop and think about what they are doing. In a less primitive environment, you will get the need to arm yourself or call the police because this alarm system does not have any monitoring centers. But there are service centers for your product to check regularly.

The electronic watchdog can protect homes, apartments, driveways, mobile homes, jewelry stores, hotels, factories, small business, warehouses, public and private buildings. You can choose any location indoors where you want to detect movement such as hidden behind the front door. You can turn the watchdog and it begins detecting. When movement is detected, the security system will alarm with the sounds you have chosen. While in barking mode, it begins to emit the ferocious barking sound of a large angry dog. The closer the intruder gets the louder and more frequent becomes the barking. As the intruder backs off, the barking decreases in intensity and frequency, stopping completely when movement is out of range.

There is a large number of alarm systems designed for specific purpose. To get more updates on such security systems, please visit us online. For more information visit

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