Prepare Yourself from Intruders

It is one of worst things that can happen to home owner, to have their home invaded by a burglar.  It happens to thousands of people and hundreds of homes each year.  Occasionally, it may happen during the middle of the night when you and your family are home asleep.  Before this happens to your home, you should have a plan for you and your family.  Should you escape? Call the police? Try to scare the intruder away? The cost of being unprepared for something like this can be unimaginable, so here are some tips for you to prepare yourself in case it may happen to you.

The first and most important objective for you to do is to gather your family and get into a safe room.  Afterwards, stay very quiet and listen. Try to figure out how many intruders are in your house, and if they are just looking for things to steal or making your way towards you.  If you can safely escape and get help, do it.  If that isn’t an option, then alert the authorities if you haven’t already.  Don’t rely on landlines because intruders can cut off the connection, instead use a cell phone, make sure it is charged so you can stay on the phone with authorities and give them constant updates on your situation. When telling the police of your situation, be specific, tell them where you are and where you think the intruders are.

Though it may not always be unavoidable, try to not confront the intruders.  Most of them would most likely run with what they have, but there are some who may have other intentions. You do not want to take this chance, especially if you have a family to protect.  If you are confronted by the intruder with a weapon, stay calm and be cooperative.  Hold your hands up to about your shoulder, this seems compliant but your hands are free and ready for defense.

Never take aggressive action unless you believe that you are in a life-threatening situation.  Escape almost always is the better option.  If the situation becomes violent and you have to defend yourself, use any hard object and aim for the eyes and throat.  Hit as fast and hard as you can, do not worry about inflicting injury.  This is now your chance to escape, do so with your family and get help.  The intruder will most likely run at this point since they have been brought down and would rather flee than get caught with all the attention.

Investing in security alarms and defending your home before all this can happen is a great idea.  Your family’s safety shouldn’t come second to your budget.  There are affordable systems and plans for everyone.  Having a guard dog is always an option.  Make sure when going to sleep that all doors are locked and secure and a cell phone by your nightstand with the emergency number on speed-dial.

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