Personal Alarm for Safety on the Road and at Home


Imagine yourself on a business trip in a city you’ve never been to. You are staying at a local hotel, nothing spectacular but not the worst you’ve ever seen, either. It is clean, adequate, but a little older, so it doesn’t have great security or locks, which doesn’t make you feel too secure.

You are ready to go to bed and feeling a little uneasy, but you put together a trap to foil any intruder. Your suitcase and the desk chair get jammed by the hotel room door so they will at least slow down any intruder, and you take a wooden hanger from the closet and jam it into the window track to use it as a dowel so that the window (hopefully) can’t be opened. You try to get some sleep before your big meeting in the morning, but you are up and down all night, with every noise, checking the door and window.

Let’s look at this scenario again but include a personal alarm. The 130db personal alarm can be used on any door. It has a special clip that has double contacts on it. While the contacts are touching, there is no noise. The second that the contacts are moved apart – such as when someone tries to open the door – the alarm will sound loudly enough to wake up anyone in the area. An alarm this loud will also do another thing: since most intruders don’t want to call attention to themselves, the alarm will usually make the intruder flee.

In addition to keeping you safe in your hotel room, the personal alarm is small enough (like a pager) to carry with you and use if you are in an unsafe situation. You can set the alarm in such a way that all you need do is pull the pin on it when you need assistance.

This may be one of the most important self-defense tools you ever by. It is reliable, effective and affordable. It is also much more lightweight than your suitcase and a hotel chair to keep you safe. Don’t leave your safety to chance.

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