Home Security 101: When You Suspect An Intruder

Waking in the night to the sounds of an intruder is part of the worst home security nightmares of many.  For victims of break-ins, generally the most surprising factor is the reaction they themselves have in such a high stress, emergency situation.  When the flight or fight response begins to kick in and adrenaline is surging, it can be impossible to predict how one will react.  In fact, most people react completely differently to how they would have expected prior to the incident.  Various parties report difficulties in coping with the emergency situation that they never could have predicted, like forgetting the number to dial for emergency services, even if it’s 9-1-1.  Just thinking about what you would do in a similar situation is a good place to start, but actually formulating and practicing a plan may be what saves your life in an emergency.  Here are some steps to follow if you wake in the night to a strange noise.

1.  Don’t Ignore It.  If you hear a noise far out of the ordinary, do not ignore it.  Intruders know they can break a door or window, as long as it’s done in one blow.  Why?  This phenomenon occurs because the majority of people will not follow up on investigating a noise that does not continue.  Most people will stop, listen for any additional noise, then fall back asleep or go back to what they were doing.  Stay alert, and air on the side of caution to maintain home security.

2.  Sound an Alarm.  If you have a home security system, it is a good time to activate it if you have remote control.  If you are connected to a customer care center of security professionals, advise them of the situation at hand.  Sounding an alarm can scare off many intruders.  Contacting security professionals will ensure that someone follows up on your potentially dangerous situation.  

3.  Barricade Yourself.  If you are in a room where you can lock the door, do so.  If not, get to safe place where the door or entryway can be barricaded.  Simply placing more barricades in the path from the intruder to you can buy valuable seconds when your life is on the line.

4.  Call the Authorities.  If you have not already done so through a home security system, call the police or other emergency service.  Use a cellular phone if possible to avoid complications should the intruder be listening on the landline, or have cut the phone lines.  

5.  Arm Yourself.  Find an object, no matter how improvised, to protect yourself with.  It is a good idea to keep a safety item like a metal baseball bat, or pepper spray close by while sleeping.  If not, think about using a nearby heavy object made of wood or metal.  Should the intruder enter your immediate space before authorities arrive, aim to injure the intruder around the head, face, chest, groin, throat and neck areas, the most sensitive and easily injured sites.  

6.  Decide Whether to Stay Put or Flee.  If you believe the intruder will be able to overpower you and enter your immediate vicinity, search for another avenue of escape like a window.  Should you believe the intruder has been scared off or is not an immediate threat to your security, it will most likely be best to stay put and wait for authorities.  Always decide how you would quickly escape, and go as far as opening the window just in case the intruder attempts entry.

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Different Uses Of Home Alarm Systems

These alarm systems come in various sizes, which makes us easier to install them at any part of the house. Moreover precaution is better than cure and we must take initial steps before an incident can strikes us.

We do have a tendency to protect ourselves from danger and other form of crime which would risk our life or put our family’s life on the edge. ADT security systems give us the right opportunity to protect our self from such situations that could put our lives in danger. There are different kinds of home alarm systems that could be used to protect us and our homes.

The ADT security systems react with pin point accuracy during an emergency and alert its owner to take appropriate steps during the situation. Some of the adt alarm systems can be grouped as below

Intruder Home Alarm: They get activated when they are tampered by anyone. The motion sensors are too good while tracing a situation, the sensors picks up signals of people that come into their radius. They make a high pitched noise which is unbearable to human’s ears. Some intruder home alarms devices flash red light on activation that floods the entire area.

The intruder devices can be installed near the doors and windows which prevents a break-in by a burglar. The ADT alarm system can also be installed in the owner’s car which would alert the owner during the vehicle robbery. Some burglar alarm system directly warns the monitoring center about the ransacked vehicle.

ADT Monitoring Cameras: They are the best nighthawk assistance and can guard your house like a faithful hound. They are activated 24/7 and gives a clear picture of the incident. The ADT monitoring cameras can be directly connected to the owner’s PC or the Laptop; the owner can control them or can receive crystal clear footage on his system by sitting in his room or enjoying his vacation.

The ADT monitoring cameras are designed with amazing facility such as screen touch facility, digital recordings, which gets digital snapshots of the situations. The surveillance cameras are wireless which means it can be installed or can be plugged without using any cables or chords.

The owner can mount them anywhere by using couple of screws which takes fraction of time for the installation. This is one of the advancement of the ADT monitoring system because the intruder might disconnect the wires if he comes in contact with them.

The CCTV cameras are designed to withstand even in the most sever climatic condition, and can still manage to give the best footages or images. They are equipped with night vision senses which mean the owner can install them in the darkest corner of the house.

The footage appears to be green in color when viewed through the night vision cameras. The night vision technology is used by the marines to stalk and haunt down the foes during the war. The ADT monitoring cameras can also be installed in the cars to track down a burglar during the robbery of the vehicle.

Apart from these the CCTV cameras help the owner to find out any incident with respect to date, day and time of the incident. This helps him to provide sufficient information during a break-in to the corps.

By going through various situations ADT security services have provided its customer with the best of home alarm systems. This home security system can now fight the modern day’s crime and will keep you on-guard during an emergency.

Prepare Yourself from Intruders

It is one of worst things that can happen to home owner, to have their home invaded by a burglar.  It happens to thousands of people and hundreds of homes each year.  Occasionally, it may happen during the middle of the night when you and your family are home asleep.  Before this happens to your home, you should have a plan for you and your family.  Should you escape? Call the police? Try to scare the intruder away? The cost of being unprepared for something like this can be unimaginable, so here are some tips for you to prepare yourself in case it may happen to you.

The first and most important objective for you to do is to gather your family and get into a safe room.  Afterwards, stay very quiet and listen. Try to figure out how many intruders are in your house, and if they are just looking for things to steal or making your way towards you.  If you can safely escape and get help, do it.  If that isn’t an option, then alert the authorities if you haven’t already.  Don’t rely on landlines because intruders can cut off the connection, instead use a cell phone, make sure it is charged so you can stay on the phone with authorities and give them constant updates on your situation. When telling the police of your situation, be specific, tell them where you are and where you think the intruders are.

Though it may not always be unavoidable, try to not confront the intruders.  Most of them would most likely run with what they have, but there are some who may have other intentions. You do not want to take this chance, especially if you have a family to protect.  If you are confronted by the intruder with a weapon, stay calm and be cooperative.  Hold your hands up to about your shoulder, this seems compliant but your hands are free and ready for defense.

Never take aggressive action unless you believe that you are in a life-threatening situation.  Escape almost always is the better option.  If the situation becomes violent and you have to defend yourself, use any hard object and aim for the eyes and throat.  Hit as fast and hard as you can, do not worry about inflicting injury.  This is now your chance to escape, do so with your family and get help.  The intruder will most likely run at this point since they have been brought down and would rather flee than get caught with all the attention.

Investing in security alarms and defending your home before all this can happen is a great idea.  Your family’s safety shouldn’t come second to your budget.  There are affordable systems and plans for everyone.  Having a guard dog is always an option.  Make sure when going to sleep that all doors are locked and secure and a cell phone by your nightstand with the emergency number on speed-dial.

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Home Security-Low Cost Alarms That Work

For most people their home is their biggest investment. In 2006 the median price for a home is expected to be $231,000. And of course everyone has insurance on their house. Everyone has insurance on their car as well. But more people have alarms for their car than their home. How does that make any sense?

Most people associate home security alarms with high ticket home security systems, home security alarm systems or home security monitoring that can cost $70 a month or more. I recently heard of a new home security company in New Mexico that is hiring ex police officers only to respond to alarm calls from members because quite frankly the response time from the police department was way to slow. Monitored security systems are effective no question about that. The question is-is there an effective way to protect your house without sending you to the poor house.


Obviously there is a point where cost becomes prohibitive. Each situation is different for sure. Depending on the risk level of the area in which you live many low cost home security devices will do the job just as well as the high priced toys. Remember the objective is to prevent a burglary-keep the intruder from intruding. 

Recently in Colorado Springs a woman was saved from an uncertain fate by an intruder trying to get into her house. She was awakened in the middle of the night by her barking dogs. Now I am not suggesting that everyone get a dog because quite frankly a lot of dogs are not suited for this anyhow. But let’s look at some inexpensive alternatives that do work.

The simplest and least expensive are security alarms activated by opening a window or door. When the alarm is activated a 110 decibel alarm goes off. Other systems using infrared technology detect motion in a room and set off an alarm. Yet another device sets of a realistic barking dog sound when movement is sensed from 30 feet away thru doors and walls. The barking gets louder and more frequent as the intruder approaches.

One more system that has a broader appeal is a motion activated annunciator system that can detect movement from 1000 feet away and “lets you know” if someone is approaching in your driveway, back yard or patio. This system can trigger a floodlight if it senses movement in a designated area. It can monitor up to six zones.

There are many home security alarms available that will do the job effectively without breaking the bank. Why take a chance with such a valuable investment. There are many choices available-one has to be right for your home.


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Home security alarm system

What is Home Security Alarm System?

Apparently, it is an alarm system installed at home for the sake of security. It is designed to detect intrusion.

An ideal security alarm system consists of a combination of devices for exterior (or perimeter) and interior protection. Let’s look into what the perimeter protection and interior protection are.


Perimeter Protection

Generally consists of sensing mechanisms attached to doors and windows leading into the property.

These devices are connected in such a way that they will sound the alarm if an entry is attempted and will send an emergency call for help to an authorized person or central monitoring center.

The most widely used device for this protection is magnetic contact (i.e. a switch and a magnet), which works with a switching mechanism. The switch is placed on the frame of a door or window, and a magnet is placed on the door or window adjacent to the switch. When the door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the switch and the alarm will be activated. In the event that an intruder attempts to bypass the magnetic contacts by breaking the glass at the door or window, device like shock sensor can sense a shock at the monitoring object and send out RF alarming signals to the main unit.


Interior Protection

Interior Protection system plays an important role to detect if an intruder has eluded the perimeter security system.

The most common device used for interior protection is motion detector, which can detect body heat or movement of an intruder and activate the alarm. There are three basis types, infrared, microwave, and ultrasonic.

Smoke detector, as an indicator of fire, is another essential device for interior protection. Smoke detectors can sense the presence of smoke particles in the air. They should be located in all levels of the property.

There are many other security devices, such as IP camera and panic button, which can make the alarm system protection more complete.


Installing a home security alarm system in your property can help reducing your homeowner’s insurance premiums, but most importantly, a good home security alarm system can protect your family and prevent your property from being robbed or intruded.

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