How To Respond When You Hear Your Home Alarm Go Off

A burglary occurs every thirteen seconds in the United States. Of these crimes, thousands of them are committed when the homeowner is present. In the event that this happens to you, it’s important that you are prepared and have a plan. In case an intruder enters your home when you’re there, you should:

1. Get out of bed immediately, even if you’re not entirely certain that there is someone there. There’s no time to waste if it’s the real deal.

2. Shut your door, lock it and place something heavy, like a dresser, in front of it as a barricade.

3. Immediately contact the police from a cell phone. The intruder may have disconnected your home phone line. Inform the police of what room you are in and exactly where it is so they can come to you when they arrive.

4. Press the panic button on your alarm system to inform your home security company that this is not a drill.

5. Shout to the intruder that you have called the police and that help is on the way.

6. If you are on the first floor, climb out the window and run to a neighbor’s house for help. If you are on the second story, it may not be worth risking a jump unless absolutely necessary.

7. If you have a panic room, use it. If you don’t have one already, it’s a good idea to install a heavy closet door with a deadbolt on the inside in case of this event.

8. When the police arrive, stay put wherever you are until they arrive at your door to let you know that the coast is clear. Also ask them to check your attic and basement to make sure the intruder isn’t just hiding out until the police leave. It’s unlikely, but for your peace of mind it’s worth it.

9. If you happen to wake up with an intruder in your room, it’s best to treat it as if he’s a bear and play dead. It could lead to much more danger if you surprise the intruder and he considers you a threat. Unless he is standing over you with a weapon and threatening you directly, feigned sleeping is the best option in this situation.

10. If the intruder does mean you harm and you wake up to him at your bedside or he approaches you, do everything you can in self defense. Throw objects like books, your drinking glass, alarm clocks and anything else you can get your hands directly at his face. Run out the door if you think you have time.

11. It may come to the point where you need to do more in your self defense. Aim for eyes, nose, throat, neck and groin. Try to disarm him of his weapon and use it for yourself if he has one.

12. The idea at this point is to either knock him out or even kill him. There’s no reasoning or begging now, it’s your life or his.

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Alarm System: Fast Alarm Response

The reason behind writing this article is to guide the readers to get an idea how security systems are used in our daily lives.

Security for your home:

Home is precious to you. Home is a place, where you spent most of your time. However, this may not be true for some, who are travelling, or staying outside home for long. But the actual fact is that, it is the place, where you relax yourself with your family. You may think that at home you are safe, but this is completely incorrect. You may be cuddling your baby or engrossed in doing your household chores, when suddenly there is an intrusion at your home. In this case, you will be lucky to catch the intruders with the help of security systems, if installed at your home. But if you fail to get one, you will have no choice but to lose your belongings. Home alarm systems have great impact on the intruders as well. You can surprise them by the alarm siren that will be playing right at front of them when they will be attempting to get inside. Some alarm systems have receptors that can be attached every corner of your home. This helps whenever intruders gets inside from any openings at home. Even, CCTV cameras work wonders! The video surveillance cameras can catch the image of intruders and make them see themselves once they are caught.

In case of fire, or flood at the basement of your house, home alarm system can be used to detect for informing you prior to the incident. Emissions of carbon monoxide can be disastrous to your home as it silently spreads across, causing suffocation. This can be vulnerable to babies and infants at home.

Security for your garage and driveway:

Garages are easy to access for the burglars, if there are no security system installed. Most people do not think of the garage security. Rather they keep themselves busy with lock and key. But it is quite an easy job for burglars to break inside your home through the garage. Garage doors are mostly used, unlike main doors and it happens to be the least secured. If you are in front of the net, you can search over the garage security system and a list of some thousand links are going to appear on your screen. Is it possible for you to choose from such exhaustive list? Your answer should be’ No’. Because here we suggest you to switch from dip switch receiver and remotes to a rolling-code type of technology. Conversion kits are affordable and help you to ease away your life. A touch keypad is also available to install at your driveway. This helps to detect, if there is any one entering into the driveway or even touching your cars. If you don’t have any security system for your garage and confused regarding the same, then pay a visit to us by logging it at our website.

Broadly speaking, there are many impacts of security systems in our lives. Though most of us do not agree the importance of security systems at home, we some how unconsciously depend up on them. For more information visit

Say No to Intruders by installing Home Security System

The need to protect one’s home is present in the mind of every house owner who wishes that there is not a single chance of any bad incident. To ensure Home Security thus is the ultimate desire of people as it’s a place which combines a lot of feelings and a sense of belongingness. The association that one has with his/her home cannot be expressed in words and it is something which is felt. It is the reason that people try out various means to protect their house and live peacefully without any botheration about safety.

Security Systems by offering a perfect solution helps people to resolve their worries regarding Home Security. A Home Security System grants protection of the entire house, valuable items and most importantly family members when one is away or fast sleep. Given that reported cases of theft, robbery, etc are on rise, a Security System has now become an integral part of every household to keep a check on intruders and keep them at a distance.

Different types of Home Security Systems, wired or wireless are available in the market and one can choose according to the requirement. Home Security Alarms are widely used by people as they offer the required protection making one feel safer and at peace by reducing the amount of tension which otherwise prevails if there is no provision for Home Security. Burglar Alarms have proven to be quite effective in scaring off the intruders and ensuring the safety of the house. Various varieties of Burglar Alarms are available with many useful features thus allowing people to relax at home as these systems take up the charge of providing security.

The best part of a Home Security Alarm System is that it is easy to install and provides maximum protection against all dangers. Available at an affordable price range, Home Security Alarms present a suitable way to check theft or burglary.

Security Systems were not so popular earlier but with realization of the benefits that they offer in terms of Home Security, their demand has raised manifold. Along with Home Security systems, there are several other security items offered by Providers of such products.

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What Comprises a Home Alarm System

A home alarm is an important tool to catch burglars and intruders. It is a high-technology system that emits a loud banging sound to alert someone in authority or a homeowner against a possible intruder or theft.

A home alarm system is an efficient way to guard our homes against possible crimes and, at the same time, set a warning to those who have plans of intruding to our private property. We might ask what comprises a home alarm system.

It comprises of a CPU or central processing unit and remote sensors scattered in every part of the house. We will be discussing more about the parts of the Home-Alarm in the succeeding texts.

The CPU or central processing unit is also called the brain box. It is also referred to as a way to connect and control the system. Say for instance if the user would want to activate or deactivate it, or even enable or disable a remote sensor anywhere in the house. It can even turn the whole system on and off. At the same time, it could contact a third party vendor for alarm purposes.

There are actually three types of remote sensor. The first type of sensor is the magnetic switch. The magnetic remote sensor is usually installed in doors and windows of the house. There are two pats normally, a bigger magnet and a smaller one.

The bigger magnet I attached on top of the door while the smaller magnet I attached on the door itself. The magnet thus holds the switch in place. Once the door opens, and the magnet moves away, the switch will be out of place, thus triggering the alarm.

Another type of remote sensor is the use of infrared motion detectors. This type of remote sensor uses heat energy to detect intruders. Normally, when we move, we emit heat energy caused by our body functions. At the same time, once the sensor detects the moving heat energy, the alarm is triggered. There are a number of infrared motion detectors now that are not too sensitive with minimal heat energy. This is normally used for homes that have pets living in the house together.

Another commonly used is the glass sensor. It is normally placed in windows and it is sound and vibration sensitive that it can detect the sound frequencies especially for breaking glass. For those windows that can be broken and can be crawled through without opening it, glass sensor is the best option.

There are still other types of sensors such as flood detectors, smoke detectors, and temperature detectors. The first three mentioned above are just the common sensors that are being used. No matter what type of sensor you will be using as long it will be efficient in providing security for your home, you should not give a second thought. If we are dealing with the security of our homes, property, and family members, we should always consider getting a Home-Alarm for peace of mind and proper mind set when at home.

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Protecting your home or business is more than locking your front and back door.
Besides protecting you from intruders with home/business alarm systems, An alarm company can protect you from the dangers and damage caused by fire, carbon monoxide, flooding and extreme temperature changes.  Utilizing the latest technologies and employing the best people in the industry enables us to develop a complete and customized solution to meet your home/business security needs.We can explain how your home or business security system communicates with a monitoring stations interlinked network of monitoring stations 24 hours a day to keep you protected.

Having an alarm system installed in your home or business can decrease the chance of a burglary. Often if a potential burglar sees an alarm system, he or she will choose another, less secure property as a target. If burglars are not deterred from entering, an alarm will encourage them to make a hasty retreat, decreasing the amount of damage caused and lessening the number of things stolen from your home or business. Find out how to make a good buying decision when shopping for an alarm system.

What should I look for in a security alarm?
The basics of your home or business burglar alarm system are:

Control panel: The hub of your system’s wiring and the place at which it is connected to the phone line or cellular GSM if you have a monitored alarm.
Keypad and keyfobs: You’ll be able to arm and disarm your alarm system from the keypad or keyfob.  Keypads will show you which entry point has been activated. You can also have additional keypads installed, so that you can have keypad access from more than one location within the house.
Alarm: The sound of the alarm should be loud enough to attract attention to an intruder, at the same time letting the intruder know he has been noticed.
Motion detectors: Inside your home or business, motion detectors using infrared, microwave or photoelectric devices will sense a human presence in the room in which they’re placed. If you have a pet, make sure you get a motion detector which won’t be set off by your moggie or pooch.
Central monitoring station: If the system is monitored, the activation of the alarm will send a message via the telephone line or cellular GSM network to the central monitoring station, where a real person will respond to the alert and contact emergency services if needed.

Are there any useful add-ons for security alarms?

Yes, you can improve the overall safety of your home with:

Door and window contacts: These magnetic devices will activate the alarm when the door or window is opened, if the alarm is set. Ideally, you will have contacts at all points of entry.
Glass break detectors: These devices recognise the sound the breaking glass and will activate the alarm.
Panic buttons: These hand-held alarms can be kept beside the bed or in other locations around the house. Pressing the button will send a message to the monitoring station.
Closed Circuit Television: A CCTV system allows you to monitor and record both inside and outside your home.
Smoke detectors: These can be wired through the alarm’s control panel and act as a more certain means of alarm if there is a fire in your home. When the smoke alarm is activated by smoke, a message is sent to the monitoring station.

How does a monitored alarm work?
When your alarm system detects something untoward, it will:

1. Wait 30-60 seconds before going into alarm mode (giving you a chance to deactivate the alarm)

2. If the alarm is not deactivated, the burglar alarm system will enter alarm mode and send a message to the central monitoring station (Note: this will use the phone line, so you will not be able to make a call to 911 while the alarm is in this phase) unless it transmits via cellular GSM

3. The monitoring company will receive a message and call your home OR business. If there is no answer or the person who answers is unable to provide the correct password, the monitoring company will call the police or dispatch a guard.

4. The police or guard will then respond to the alert.

How do I choose an alarm company?
As with many trades and services, one of the best ways to be sure your alarm is reliable and affordable is to get recommendations from friends, family or neighbours. Also, it’s worth checking warranty (should be included with all alarms); the company’s policy on hiring installers (potential employees should be screened for criminal convictions); and what you’re getting for your money (the cost, quality and features of alarm systems vary widely).Check the BBB, WE ARE ‘A’ RATED


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