Intruder Alarms Don’t Worry Burglars!

professional thieves are entitled to a burglar alarm that does not.

A k? Recent? Hrte survey found? burglar alarms that there are difficulties, professional thieves, the raz? n is that owners often forget to set the alarm or verse? UMT, the closure of his? T s and windows right? T. Despite numerous improvements in security systems for home, when used correctly, is due? Home I achieved little benefit.

R? Ask lfte f H? The barks? N? R lingering doubt on a recent survey said they created? An that home security has improved in? Past 10 to? You, but f? It shows, too? No, that improvements are enough w? Rde, in order to prevent break in. S? What 20% of respondents said that a good security system was the h? he was asked? Why? there was an attempted robbery, with 40%, said due? home or died? rt was the main factor f? r this task a pause, said at the trial and 40% of respondents re away w? if room? to be a strong dog? placed on the gel? NDE.

67% of respondents said the field search always follows the same pattern? N of a house when you come in? L, starting usually broken in the master bedroom, because this is the? Wertgegenst Usual place? The walls est? No hidden, then the remaining bedrooms and main living room, this has proven to be the greatest form? S efficient way to find the pos? N valuable? mer. ngnisstrafen An interesting fact that the investigation? n is a verb with thieves? t currently Gef? done? was that they considered the quarter-Do You Know has been one of the least profitable.

The average time that a burglary took? out, as little as 20 minutes, the average age at which it was committed? the first robbery, ten? to 13? you, and two thirds of burglars prefer to work alone. Almost all professional thieves go with the intention? N to commit a crime, eh? T, est? opportunistic rather than planned, but obviously, if a goal in s? pr mature? Presents will take this opportunity to steal.

The main motivation? No theft is committed to, as W? Rde waiting for the money? Angef About 80% of the respondents? Driving this as their motivation? N Main, w? They rden f? R an appropriate target to evaluate the potential value of this house the kind of car on the drive, apparently, all field search that the objects of value? walls can be seen through the window s, H? the height of a ceiling rooms with things like Z? or B links? to Verf? ci? n is made, the presence of an alarm or a dog, and sign their own use.

It is? Wing that most? To respondents said that although they are not made by an intruder alarm clock to get w rden? In general, the target m? Sf? Easy when Verf? The source of the foot, one also? N has to be? cksichtigen that bermut? of those interviewed, remember that all the robbers were convicted one time on the boat? ngnis at the time of the survey.

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