How an Exit Alarm Can Serve Multiple Purposes

When accompanied with door alarms, exit alarms can be handy for a number of different things. There is a wide variety of alarms to choose from, and the design of the alarm can actually save your life as well. The most notable reason to get an exit alarm is to prevent intruders, but having an alarm above the door can save you during a fire as well.

The most probable reason you are purchasing an exit alarm is to prevent intruders from entering your home. Exit alarms are rather cheap and can be equally effective as some of the high-tech door alarms. As the door opens, the alarm will sound alerting you of the intruder. This will give you plenty of time to seek help and hide.

They can conveniently be placed anywhere around the door as long as they are within a few feet of it. Generally people place the alarm above the door so intruders cannot see it from outside. But you can place the alarm below the door or to the right or left of it as well.

Another great reason to purchase an exit alarm is in case a fire is started. It will not warn you of the fire by any means, but hopefully you have fire alarms for this. It can, however, assist you in finding the exits to your house in the case a fire is started. With fire and smoke inflaming your house, it can be difficult finding your way around the house.

As mentioned, there is a wide variety of exit alarms on the market to choose from. While you probably do not want to purchase the largest and brightest one available because of security and intruder reasons, you do not want to purchase a small one either. Try to locate an alarm that is of decent size and bright enough that you will be able to locate the exits in your house if a fire does emblaze your home.

How many alarms you need around your house is solely up to you. It is recommended that you purchase at least one for your front and back doors. But you have to consider the fact that many burglars are well aware of alarms in the front and back. Because of this, side doors, basement doors and garage doors are all fair game as well.

You can find a quality exit alarm anywhere from $80-$120 if you research hard enough. There are great deals online and an array of alarms to choose from. If you settle for the first alarm you see, you may end up paying far more than you need to. Take the time to research for the sake of your safety, your family’s safety, and financial reasons as well.

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