Home Security – The Alarming Truth Is Great News For All!

With the recession continuing to effect the income of so many, crime unfortunately for some is their only pay day. For years most quality and reliable home security systems were out of reach to the majority. New wireless technology is helping to solve this and now almost everyone can now afford to protect themselves.

With identity theft on the increase, complex white collar crime is on the rise. Recent surveys have suggested that around 15 percent of intrusions were done so, purely in order to steal the personal documents of the home owner. Therefore nowadays, even without expensive items and the traditional targets for theft if you think you are not at a risk of intrusion; think again!

The increase in identity theft is forecast to keep rising with up to twenty five percent of victims falling foul to this most personal crime. Not only do you have to now consider the emotional and financial upheaval of been burgled. You also now need to consider that after the initial crime has taken place, you are very susceptible to yet more crime and done so potentially in your own name.

How can you prevent this from happening?

It is possible to make small changes around the home in order to protect your personal data and documents that are so in demand on the open market! If you try to think about what the criminal needs, for example the quickest and easiest passage, you can combat this by achieving the opposite.

Simple measures of either securing these documents in a secured area such as a safe would be a great start. The safe needs to be properly anchored with the building so it cannot be removed. You could also make sure that if you cannot afford the protection a good safe can offer, that you really make it as hard to find such documents as possible. You may consider keeping such documents in a loft area which you also secure with locks?

Considering the potential cost of any intrusion, now that home security systems have become so much more affordable than they were due to the advancements in technology. If currently your home is going unprotected without home security, now is a great time to reconsider how you protect your assets and your very identity!

The new home security systems are wireless and they….

* Can be installed easily using basic D.I.Y skills or by an engineer in a few hours

* Can be upgraded over time or even moved when you do

* Are easy to use with key fob type control

* Can be integrated in to fire alarm, also gas and water detection systems

* Minimal disruption during the installation process

* Can help to reduce your insurance premiums

* HELP DETER the criminal in the first place!!!

This last point is so valid, any criminal that can see you have a system installed is more likely to go looking elsewhere for an easier target. This does not help whoever they may then pray on, but we all have responsibility to take care as much as we can about our own home security.

Wireless home security systems are designed to work as components working from an main and central control panel. Meaning that once you have discussed your exact system requirements with a trained professional; you can then build a kit system that exactly fits your needs. For less than £500 it is now possible to own this level of professional equipment and the peace of mind that these modern home security systems can offer.

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