Home Security 101: When You Suspect An Intruder

Waking in the night to the sounds of an intruder is part of the worst home security nightmares of many.  For victims of break-ins, generally the most surprising factor is the reaction they themselves have in such a high stress, emergency situation.  When the flight or fight response begins to kick in and adrenaline is surging, it can be impossible to predict how one will react.  In fact, most people react completely differently to how they would have expected prior to the incident.  Various parties report difficulties in coping with the emergency situation that they never could have predicted, like forgetting the number to dial for emergency services, even if it’s 9-1-1.  Just thinking about what you would do in a similar situation is a good place to start, but actually formulating and practicing a plan may be what saves your life in an emergency.  Here are some steps to follow if you wake in the night to a strange noise.

1.  Don’t Ignore It.  If you hear a noise far out of the ordinary, do not ignore it.  Intruders know they can break a door or window, as long as it’s done in one blow.  Why?  This phenomenon occurs because the majority of people will not follow up on investigating a noise that does not continue.  Most people will stop, listen for any additional noise, then fall back asleep or go back to what they were doing.  Stay alert, and air on the side of caution to maintain home security.

2.  Sound an Alarm.  If you have a home security system, it is a good time to activate it if you have remote control.  If you are connected to a customer care center of security professionals, advise them of the situation at hand.  Sounding an alarm can scare off many intruders.  Contacting security professionals will ensure that someone follows up on your potentially dangerous situation.  

3.  Barricade Yourself.  If you are in a room where you can lock the door, do so.  If not, get to safe place where the door or entryway can be barricaded.  Simply placing more barricades in the path from the intruder to you can buy valuable seconds when your life is on the line.

4.  Call the Authorities.  If you have not already done so through a home security system, call the police or other emergency service.  Use a cellular phone if possible to avoid complications should the intruder be listening on the landline, or have cut the phone lines.  

5.  Arm Yourself.  Find an object, no matter how improvised, to protect yourself with.  It is a good idea to keep a safety item like a metal baseball bat, or pepper spray close by while sleeping.  If not, think about using a nearby heavy object made of wood or metal.  Should the intruder enter your immediate space before authorities arrive, aim to injure the intruder around the head, face, chest, groin, throat and neck areas, the most sensitive and easily injured sites.  

6.  Decide Whether to Stay Put or Flee.  If you believe the intruder will be able to overpower you and enter your immediate vicinity, search for another avenue of escape like a window.  Should you believe the intruder has been scared off or is not an immediate threat to your security, it will most likely be best to stay put and wait for authorities.  Always decide how you would quickly escape, and go as far as opening the window just in case the intruder attempts entry.

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