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Home alarm systems are springing up everywhere, but how do you know if it is the right one to get? There are some ways to know if the alarm system is appropriate for you and reputable. Not only should you research the company but also read all of the paper work and be intuitive for clues that it might be a shady business.

No one wants to throw their money away every month. So it is important that you get value for your dollar and maximize it to the fullest! Ensuring that you get as many features in your package as possible is a great way to benefit from an alarm system.

ATD home Security system is a company that has been around for many years. They provide home security and alarm systems for companies as well. Their signs are posted in front of houses that they represent and commercials wow us with their product on our TV`s but are they as good as they sound?

The answer seems to be yes! There long standing reputation with communities has been a positive one. They offer many options with their plans including; fire and smoke, medical emergencies, intruder alerts, and video monitoring of the outside and inside of your home.

They offer many packages to choose from and in some of them include things like; signs, window decals, siren alerts, two way voice, and wireless backup. They also offer pet immune passive infrared motion sensors.

Sears home alarm system is another great one. The fact that it is from Sears, gives people peace of mind that it comes from a reputable name and company. They offer low monthly payments and give the option of putting it on your Sears card or they have flexible payment options including things like no interest for 3 years with specific monthly amounts.

Sears guarantees that the alarm system given to you is nothing but state of the art technology. They offer packages that can include; fire and smoke, intruder notification, medical crisis, and video monitoring options.

Alarm force is another reputable company. They offer low monthly fees and many free advantages. They give you free installation, activation and warranty. Their incentives may just sway many people to join their fleet. They provide the regular home alarm services such as; intruder alert, medical, fire, smoke and video monitoring.

In some of their packages they offer a special feature where they give you wireless backup. For this package there is an installation fee, and additional monthly fee, however with this feature, intruders cannot cut the phone line and get away with it. If the phone line is cut, this alarm company is ready to take action. A wireless signal takes the phone`s place and stays on top of the crime at hand. The only drawback heard about this alarm company is that the customer service was not as friendly or helpful as it could have been.

It makes perfect sense to have an alarm system for your home. When you are away you can feel safe knowing that your home is in good hands. When intruders see alarm signs on windows they know that one false move and they are caught, usually they will just move on to another house and leave yours untouched. The fire and smoke feature is amazing. It can save your house and pets in a fire when you are not even home.

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