Get To Know Your Home Alarm System

At first glance, a home alarm system can seem daunting.  There are so many facets that go into protecting your home and family from potential intruders and threats like fire and medical emergency.  While it is a complicated system, it’s designed with easy-to-use features that enable even the youngest members of your family use them.  Getting to know home alarm systems will enable you to make a safety and budget conscious decision when it comes to safeguarding your home and loved ones.

Most home security systems now come with wireless network technology.  A professional installer mounts three points protection at three different entry points into your home.  They are connected to the central mainframe, or keypad, by a wireless network.  This means that during the installation process no floorboards or drywall have to be ripped up in order to connect your three points to the keypad.  Should someone try to force entry into your home at one of the protection points, the three points send wireless signals to your keypad and activate the alarm.

Each home alarm system also comes with infrared motion detectors to better protect your home against potential intruders.  This feature comes with even the most basic home security system and is used to not only protect homes but 90% of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, all federal courthouses, and 19 of the top 30 busiest airports in the country.  Furthermore, you can actually set your motion detectors to recognize your pets, allowing them to roam your home without setting the alarm.

Once a home alarm system is activated, it emits a high decibel siren.  This not only notifies you and your neighbors of a possible break-in, but it also lets potential intruders know that you’re already taking steps to contact the local authorities.  Each system also comes with yard and window decals.  Typically, even these small components of your home alarm system work to prevent potential intruders from entering your home.  It’s a great way to let burglars know that you’ve taken the proper precautions in safeguarding your home and that local authorities will be dispatched in seconds of alarm activation.

With keychain access, you can have complete control of your home alarm system.  The home security keychain looks much like a car keychain and comes with buttons that actually allow you to arm and disarm your home alarm system.  This feature works from any room in the home and up to 50 feet outside of your home, giving you complete control over when your alarm is turned on and off.  Additionally, the keychain features a panic button that triggers your home alarm and contacts your home security provider immediately.

While a home security system may be overwhelming at first, it’s designed to be used by even the littlest members of your family.  Getting to know your home alarm system is the first and most important step to protecting the people and place you love the most.  With a thorough knowledge of the components and functionalities of your alarm system, you’ll be better prepared in the event of a potential break-in or emergency .

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