Door Alarm To The Rescue

52-year-old Viktor Burrow was alone in his motorcycle repair shop when he heard the unmistakable sound of the back door being kicked in. At the same time, a shrill siren began to sound as the intruder triggered the door alarm. The slow-moving Burrow, who has had rheumatoid arthritis for nearly ten years, was able to exit out of the front door to safety thanks to the warning siren. The wail of the door alarm also scared away the intruder — saving Burrow thousands of dollars in potential damage to his store and his motorcycles.

Though we often think of sneaky criminals using glass cutters and bold karate moves to slip into a window, in reality, doors are still the primary entry and exit points of most criminals. Up to 59% of criminals come in through the back door. A door alarm arms this popular entry point and cuts criminals off before they get to your belongings.

In the case of Mr. Burrow, the door alarm alerted him to danger and allowed him to escape without having to face the possibly-armed intruder. Three out of four intruders will give up the instant they set off the door alarm, not wanting to risk capture.

Other Uses of a Door Alarm

Use a Door Alarm on Emergency Exits

A door alarm turns doors into emergency exits. With a door alarm, you can leave the door unlocked but still guarded. If the door is opened, a door alarm siren will sound, alerting others to the emergency.

A Door Alarm Protects the Young and Elderly

A door alarm stops people from sneaking in and sneaking out. If you have an elderly parent who tries to sneak out of the house, a door alarm brings you great comfort. With a door alarm, no one can slip out of your home unnoticed. This includes children and teens as well. You’ll have peace of mind with a door alarm guarding all your doors.

Use a Door Alarm on All Kinds of Doors

A door alarm works on more than just the back door. Use it on sheds, pool gates, garages, and basement doors. Secure cabinets or closets to guard your belongings.

Door Alarm: Low Cost but Effective Security

A door alarm is perfect for renters or those living in apartments because it is wireless and portable. Inexpensive but effective, a door alarm is powerful security. Use it to supplement an existing system or employ it on its own.

When Mr. Burrow installed his door alarm, he was mostly thinking about protecting his motorcycles. But when the intruder came in his back door, the door alarm protected more than just the bikes. Trust a door alarm to guard your doors and your family.

Ralph Winn writes about Home Security and other related topics. For more information visit Alarm Systems

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