Can A Burglar Alarm Protect Your House?

Startling noises woke you up in the middle of the night. You climbed out of bed to check out where the strange noises are coming from. Slowly, you opened your bedroom door and climbed down the stairs, your heart pounding a million miles per second. The living room still looks the same before you went to bed. Suddenly, shadows moved from the walls of your kitchen and you heard muffled sound of unfamiliar voices. You took out your baseball bat from the coat rack closet then made your way to the kitchen.

All of a sudden you froze; you try to reach for the light switch to face the unknown form who was barging in your kitchen. Bright light poured the room and the sound of a broken glass echoed in the kitchen. With a sigh of relief and nervousness, you saw your brother, who came from a late night work meeting frazzled by your sudden appearance in the kitchen and firmly gripping a baseball bat on your hand.

Situations like this, is a common scenario in many households. Over 70% of all crimes normally involve the home and many families including yours will need to find ways to keep your family secured at all cost. But how can you protect your home against burglary? Can a burglar alarm protect your house?

Do burglar alarms really work?

Many companies invest on security alarms and burglar alarms to help you find the security in your very own home. Most security alarms are made sensitive from motion, heat, noise, shock, vibration and smoke. Earlier burglar alarms are wired around windows and door frames.

Nowadays, alarms are installed reasonably easier and more subtle. There are burglar alarms that use magnetic switches installed on windows and doors that set – off the alarm when the connection between the magnet and switch is broken. The only disadvantage with this type of burglar alarm is that the alarm automatically stops when the window or door has been closed.

Wireless burglar alarms are more recommended and easy to use. You can place it anywhere and more convenient to move around. This burglar alarm system contains a radio transmitter which allows it to communicate with the control unit. So, you don

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