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Protecting your home or business is more than locking your front and back door.
Besides protecting you from intruders with home/business alarm systems, An alarm company can protect you from the dangers and damage caused by fire, carbon monoxide, flooding and extreme temperature changes.  Utilizing the latest technologies and employing the best people in the industry enables us to develop a complete and customized solution to meet your home/business security needs.We can explain how your home or business security system communicates with a monitoring stations interlinked network of monitoring stations 24 hours a day to keep you protected.

Having an alarm system installed in your home or business can decrease the chance of a burglary. Often if a potential burglar sees an alarm system, he or she will choose another, less secure property as a target. If burglars are not deterred from entering, an alarm will encourage them to make a hasty retreat, decreasing the amount of damage caused and lessening the number of things stolen from your home or business. Find out how to make a good buying decision when shopping for an alarm system.

What should I look for in a security alarm?
The basics of your home or business burglar alarm system are:

Control panel: The hub of your system’s wiring and the place at which it is connected to the phone line or cellular GSM if you have a monitored alarm.
Keypad and keyfobs: You’ll be able to arm and disarm your alarm system from the keypad or keyfob.  Keypads will show you which entry point has been activated. You can also have additional keypads installed, so that you can have keypad access from more than one location within the house.
Alarm: The sound of the alarm should be loud enough to attract attention to an intruder, at the same time letting the intruder know he has been noticed.
Motion detectors: Inside your home or business, motion detectors using infrared, microwave or photoelectric devices will sense a human presence in the room in which they’re placed. If you have a pet, make sure you get a motion detector which won’t be set off by your moggie or pooch.
Central monitoring station: If the system is monitored, the activation of the alarm will send a message via the telephone line or cellular GSM network to the central monitoring station, where a real person will respond to the alert and contact emergency services if needed.

Are there any useful add-ons for security alarms?

Yes, you can improve the overall safety of your home with:

Door and window contacts: These magnetic devices will activate the alarm when the door or window is opened, if the alarm is set. Ideally, you will have contacts at all points of entry.
Glass break detectors: These devices recognise the sound the breaking glass and will activate the alarm.
Panic buttons: These hand-held alarms can be kept beside the bed or in other locations around the house. Pressing the button will send a message to the monitoring station.
Closed Circuit Television: A CCTV system allows you to monitor and record both inside and outside your home.
Smoke detectors: These can be wired through the alarm’s control panel and act as a more certain means of alarm if there is a fire in your home. When the smoke alarm is activated by smoke, a message is sent to the monitoring station.

How does a monitored alarm work?
When your alarm system detects something untoward, it will:

1. Wait 30-60 seconds before going into alarm mode (giving you a chance to deactivate the alarm)

2. If the alarm is not deactivated, the burglar alarm system will enter alarm mode and send a message to the central monitoring station (Note: this will use the phone line, so you will not be able to make a call to 911 while the alarm is in this phase) unless it transmits via cellular GSM

3. The monitoring company will receive a message and call your home OR business. If there is no answer or the person who answers is unable to provide the correct password, the monitoring company will call the police or dispatch a guard.

4. The police or guard will then respond to the alert.

How do I choose an alarm company?
As with many trades and services, one of the best ways to be sure your alarm is reliable and affordable is to get recommendations from friends, family or neighbours. Also, it’s worth checking warranty (should be included with all alarms); the company’s policy on hiring installers (potential employees should be screened for criminal convictions); and what you’re getting for your money (the cost, quality and features of alarm systems vary widely).Check the BBB, WE ARE ‘A’ RATED


35? years in the security alarm industry,please contact us even if it’s just for advice,thanks,Bob Stevens.

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