Burglar Alarm Systems, a “Sound” investment or Daylight Robbery ?

As the credit crunch hits hard and crime has risen at an unprecedented rate over the last 12 months (Nearly a million homes in the UK are burgled every year, and that number is rising fast) ….. Is NOW the time to invest in a burglar alarm system for your home?


Regardless of weather your answer to the above question is “Yes, No, Maybe or I am Unsure” you should at least consider some very important points.


80% of convicted burglars state, if there was a visible sign that a property was protected by an alarm system they would not have attempted to break in. Most people that buy an alarm system that never gets activated and who don’t get broken into consider the money spent to be a waste…….could it be that the reason there system has never been used/activated is because they actually had one in the first place?


The area of the home that is “MOST at risk” is your garden shed. It is normally the easiest area of your home to get access to and is the least protected. For a burglar this offers easy and rich pickings, with little chance of getting caught. The average contents of a garden shed would cost £1100 to replace from new, but could be protected for a very small amount of money


1 in 5 homes in the UK are tagged as “potential jobs” by burglars, and a single burglar may visit a tagged street, road, area up to 5 times before commiting to breaking into a chosen property. 87% of burglaries take place in broad daylight, normally between 9:30am and 3pm.


If you can’t afford a full system you should at least consider spending a small amount of money on a dummy alarm bell box to place on the front of your home. Even better would be 2, one on the front and one on the back.


You can now get alarm systems that call you directly on your mobile phone or send you a text to let you know there is an activation at your home. Some of these systems don’t even need a phone line to connect to and use a mobile phone sim card placed in the back of it. These systems are normally referred to as “autodial, auto-dialler or self monitored” systems.


Wireless systems have always had a bad name, as they used to falsely activate, but the advanced technology of today has eliminated this and wireless systems are not only very simple to install but offer of great value for money as most can be fitted buy enthusiastic DIYers with little or no technical ability. PLUS no more ugly wires or remedial decorating to do, just a bacon sandwich and a couple of cups of tea on a Sunday and the job is done!!

Written by Mike Stephens Trading Director of a well known Burglar alarm and home security website www.easyalarms.co.uk

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