Apartment Alarms Are A Must Have For Renters

I can remember vividly one night back in 1997. I was in my twenties and living with my cousin in a hard partying are of Chicago. We came home one night (I guess technically it was early morning) and our front door was ajar. Had the door just been ajar I might have thought one of us had just absent-mindedly left the door open when we left but you could see the splintered wood where someone had obviously used the old master key that was their foot or shoulder to open the door.

Upon entering the residence we immediately saw what the burglar or burglars had taken. The TV fortunately was too big for them to take or they just didn’t want to look too suspicious or waste too much time doing their thing. What was taken was the Nintendo 64, all the games, and quite a few DVDs. The heartless bastards. Okay so it could have been much worse and really all that stuff was my cousins (poor guy) but what something like that does is instill a real sense of insecurity in the place you call home. Renters insurance can help replace what has been stolen but can never replace that insecurity you feel once a break-in has occurred.

That is a horrible feeling and something that we could have so easily avoided with very little effort, time and money. Take for instance the Telespy motion intruder alarm. This little beauty, which would have cost us a fraction of what our beloved Nintendo 64 was going for at the time, would have caught the intruder red handed. This device would have sensed motion in the apartment, called my cell and allowed me to listen in on what was happening. I would have instantly notified the police and then walked home to press charges on the cowardly little jerk(s).

The point is that once a break-in happens it leaves an uneasy feeling of insecurity that can’t be replaced with your renters insurance policy. It is so easy and affordable to take the necessary steps to ensure you never have to feel the same way we felt that night.

Stay Safe.

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Carl Vouer is a proud distributor of non-lethal self defense products and home security systems.

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