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Monitored security systems provide 24-hours protection. Identifying any intrusion and sending for help must be quick and immediate. With the advancement of science and technology various monitored alarm systems are available in the market. Amongst them, the ADT monitored alarm system stands out.

Conventional alarms may alert staffs within office hours but outside business hours they offer little protection. As the rate of insecurity has increased over the passage of time so has the ADT service providers come up with outstanding security solutions. The ADT monitored intruder alarms provide round the clock monitoring by skilful workers in the Alarm Receiving Centre. They also use Audio or Visual verification to reduce false alarms and evades the risk of losing police cooperation

ADT alarm receiving centres have the NACOSS Gold Approval for monitoring intruder alarms and use a wide range of alarm signalling tools. If your organisation has multiple sites ADT’S Security Information Database program can provide a complete daily download of all your alarm systems operations. They even provide text messaging to alert you instantly when an alarm is activated.


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As the famous proverb goes “Prevention is better than cure”. It is wise to secure your home, property and office by installing a monitored alarm prior to the occurrence of any unforeseen intrusion rather than installing it later. Monitored alarm systems generally take care of you once the burglar is in the process of breaking in or is inside the house.

The monitored alarm systems are screened twenty-four hours a day by its local monitoring stations. When the security alarm system is set off, the monitoring station will contact the proprietor by telephone to verify whether the alarm is true or not. In such case, the monitoring company uses a password to verify whether the one answering the telephone is an intruder or not. If they detect that the one answering the phone is that of an intruder, they will instantly contact the local law enforcement agency to take further steps. This gives peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected.

It is essential for you to turn on the monitored alarm system when you go away from the house and disable the system after you re-enter the house. If you break the connection on your alarm sensors by opening the door and forget to inform the monitoring company, they will commence their actions for a possible burglary in progress.

The monitored alarm systems can be installed at quite an affordable price and it can provide you with the ultimate level of security. For more information feel free to contact Alarm Broker

ADT monitored security solutions


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